Toenail Reconstruction

What is Toenail Reconstruction?

If you want feet to be proud of but have damaged, discoloured or fungal toenails, this is the treatment for you. The Balance UV Gel System by NSI is a treatment which can dramatically improve the appearance of unhealthy toenails, or temporarily replace damaged nails for cosmetic reasons.
The process of toenail reconstruction involves the application of layers of a special gel to the damaged nail/portion of the nail bed, onto which UV light is focused in order to harden the gel. The gel used in toenail reconstruction is different to that used to create acrylic nails.

What are the benefits of the Balance Gel treatment?

  • Balance Bond is a non-acid primer – there’s no need to strip or chemically etch the natural nail so no damage is caused. 

  • The new nail is flexible and so moves naturally as the toes move

  • The new nails are neutral in colour for a natural look or can be given a high gloss finish

  • The new nails can be coated in polish as a natural nail

  • No odour 

  • Non porous – liquids and moisturisers won’t penetrate through the enhancement and cause additional fungal infections 

  • Will not affect treatment – a point of entry can be left for continuation of any treatment 

Am I suitable for Toenail Reconstruction?

Nail construction is suitable for clients with: 

  • Mycotic (fungal nails)

  • Mildly ingrown nails (once the nail has been clipped and treated and as long as there is no pain or infection, the gel can be used to rebuild the corners to leave a natural looking and comfortable full nail)

  • Onychauxis (thickened nails) – after the nail has been burred down with a drill a thin coat can be used to seal the nail 

  • Partially or totally removed nails (if there is no nail to attach the gel to, the prosthetic will only last a short time)

  • Psoriasis or other disorders of the nail that cause discolouration