Treatments & Pricing

Treatments offered

  • Toenail Reconstruction – Balance UV Gel System from NSI

  • Routine nail trimming and filing

  • Thickened and fungal nails

  • Corn removal

  • Callus and dry skin

  • Cracked heels

  • Verruca

  • Athletes foot

  • Moderate ingrown nails

  • Diabetic health advice and routine foot check


Initial Consultation & Foot Treatment (up to 90 mins) – £55
We will spend 15 minutes discussing your medical history and any medication you are taking. We will talk about any concerns you have regarding your current foot conditions and priorities for treatment. I will then spend 45 minutes treating your feet and getting them closer to how you would like them to look and feel! This might include nail trimming, hard skin removal, treatment of corns and verruca or unsightly nails.

Follow Up Appointments  (up to 1 hour) – Prices from £45*
Advice is always provided as to how to care for your feet at home in order to reduce the number of visits, however, follow up or routine appointments are often necessary to help maintain healthy and pain free feet.

Toenail Reconstruction  (1 hour +) – Price begins at £40 
The nail will be prepared and treatment carried out before the gel treatment is applied. The time of treatment and cost is dependent on the number and condition of the toenails being treated.

Discounts are available for multiple clients at the same address. Please call for more information.

All new patients will be asked for a full medical history, details of medications taken and will have a neurovascular assessment to ensure that I can safely tend to your foot care needs. Any information provided will be stored in accordance to the GDPR and will not be processed or accessed by any other persons.